welp~ looks like i’m no longer buying anything with my steam wallet…

yo nogari corp. your sign is a little busted

i’m always happy when steam installs directx for me… because i probably don’t have it

i’m a pro hacker~

So I happened to notice that Scourge: Outbreak came out. I had played Scourge Project a few winters ago with my brother. That game was absolutely hilarious. I didn’t know what was happening and the friendly AI was beyond incompetent, which actually made the game more fun.

When I saw this I was pretty excited. I was also excited to see I apparently already owned it (I guess if you owned the original you got this for free? not certain). I’ll be waiting for my brother to again beat this game, but I jumped in quickly to see what was up and as far as I can tell, this is just a remake of the Scourge Project? Wondering if the AI is any better this time around… or if the story will make any more sense.


Vanguard Princess~

(oh god the level of fanservice in this game lol)

so i was testing out some Project Cyber (http://www.spearheadgames.ca/cyber/) while they were streaming. i have NO clue what i’m doing. but i was on twitch, so i’m famous now.

i think i’m supposed to be scoring that puck thing in the opponent goal? i feel like all i did was score points on my own team. oops? lol

Leave massage! (retro city rampage)

don’t worry, that’s how i always play games…